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There are several different methods of decorating your corporate, sporting or school wear and other garments and merchandise. These include embroidery, screen printing, sublimation printing and digital transfers. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and as a general rule, should not compete with each other.

Embroidery is undoubtedly the most elegant and classy method. Initially your logo needs to be digitized into an embroidery format. This is possibly the most crucial part of the process. Poor digitizing may result in uneven registration, illegible small text and a generally shabby appearance. The use of different stitch types and correct stitch path will enhance the design and provide clarity and style. At Perth Stitchings, we always stitch out a sample of your design, before it is applied to any garment.

It should be noted that embroidery is not an exact science. Very intricate details in a small area will tend to blend together and get lost in the design, losing the integrity of your logo. Similarly, large designs, whilst looking fantastic, are very expensive to produce, and are not always suitable for commercial orders.


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